Ethiopia through writers’ eyes

1 décembre 2016 Par hugfon

L’ami Yves Marie Stranger, auteur de Ces pas qui trop vite s’effacent, contributeur à Un Train en Afrique pour le chapitre consacré à Mme Kiki, et traducteur de l’ensemble des textes vers l’anglais, a édité chez Eland Books : Ethiopia Through Writers’ Eyes | An Anthology of Ethiopian Writing from Herodotus to Edgar Allan Poe, by way of Dervla Murphy and Prester John.

L’édition éthiopienne est désormais disponible à Addis Abeba.

Le Train en Afrique ne saurait trop vous recommander cet élégant ouvrage, compilation passionnante et soigneusement éditée de textes qui dressent ensemble le portrait de l’Éthiopie.

« What you have here are quite literally the best pages from whole libraries on Ethiopia, hand-picked by Yves-Marie Stranger, a long time Ethiopia resident, translator and writer. » Barnaby Rogerson




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Hand-picked extracts chosen by Yves-Marie Stranger, a long time Ethiopia resident, trilingual interpreter and writer.

There are only a handful of destinations left in the world that have retained their ability to surprise the traveller and Ethiopia is one of them. This book offers the reader an opportunity to discover or rediscover one of the most fascinating countries on the planet, through a kaleidoscopic variety of authors.  The only country in Africa never to be colonized, ithas an extraordinary history and at the centre of this rugged, landlocked country lies the cultural hub of Addis Ababa.  This book is the perfect companion to any exploration of Ethiopia, be it in the precarious saddle of an Abyssinian pony, or from the folds of an armchair. As well as peopling the land with its own caste of priest kings descended from Solomon and Sheba, Ethiopia has long attracted the attentions of eccentric adventurers, Jesuit explorers, foolish would-be conquerors, as well as saints and sinners in equal measure.

Including: Herodotus, Edward Gibbon, Philip Marsden, Strabo, Abba Gregorios, Arthur Rimbaud, Edgar Allan Poe, Coleridge, Dervla Murphy, Wilfred Thesiger among others.

Edited by Yves-Marie Stranger
ISBN: 978-178060-077-2
Format: 375 p
East Africa/Ethiopia/Travel Writing

En voir plus chez l’éditeur Eland Books et sur le site de Yves Stranger : Uthiopia.

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